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What is wheel building? Not just an assembly of parts!

The selection of tools one uses for wheels whether its for truing or building does not always predict the out come. It's all in how you feel what you are doing. I hate hearing mechanics in shops go off about how machine built wheels are no good.

There are no machine built wheels. The machine simply screws on a nipple. It still comes down to the person lacing the wheel. In a living room, garage, bike shop or a production line floor it's about the experience behind the build. Not just the experience of lacing, tensioning, truing, gauging, logging, stress relieving, tentioning, trueing, gauging, logging and so on.

It's realizing the art that is created. A realization and understanding of what it is these wheels will do for someones soul......someones life. The chance to put color and design to use.
In loving contact with the ground. To fly!!!!!!!

An opportunity to imprint design and personality on the experience someone will have.
The need to envision and see the way grain structure of metals fit and interact. Pull and flex to the sway of the road, mountain, ramp, handrail, ledge, parking lot........

To feel and know the transformation from raw ores in the ground, to the finished experience of rolling. Pedaling, pushing your body, clearing your mind.....
Color,shape,experience, LOVE riding....

LOVE for what you do, who surrounds you and the experiences of your past feed a wheel build. Feed the experience of the RIDE!


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