I find myself racing through life sometimes at amazing speed and missing what's around me. Noticing the beep blue of a womans eyes and the little scars that life has imprinted on the beauty of her but not the hub on her favorite ride.
The feel of the pavement....every crack and nook of the ride so I can go just a bit faster but not the fabulous view and amazing homes around me.
I find myself in this picture studying the rock face of a bike trail. A bike trail many will roll at speed with a bike which rides like an SUV. A rolling couch. It enables you to roll over anything but makes you miss the little nuances o the trail itself. Speed is what a down hill rig is built for. I find something else in this trail. A challenge of taking the same line. Of finding a way to do it on a bike hat is cazy for the purpose. A challenge of a differant sort.

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